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Federal Grants To Improve States’ Real-Time Safety Infrastructure Technologies

2015 brought a renewed commitment to improving the safety of our nation’s transportation infrastructure. The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is now making 30 million dollars in grants available to states for improved technological systems to enhance transportation infrastructure safety.

Specifically, the grants are intended to improve commercial vehicle safety protocols by providing states the funds necessary to update their technology infrastructure. Advancements in technological capabilities have made it possible for states with modernized technology in place to more efficiently compile and distribute safety data in real time to transportation inspectors and law enforcement.

FMCSA Closely Monitors The Commercial Trucking Industry’s Road Violations

One responsibility that the FMCSA takes very seriously is working closely with commercial vehicle inspectors and law enforcement statewide to monitor the compliance of trucking and bus companies with federal safety laws. Currently, all violations identified during random roadside inspections and all moving violations committed by truck and bus drivers are tracked in a national database.

With rapid technological advances occurring, the FMCSA has prioritized implementing the latest technology to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents involving trucks and busses. The agency recognizes the importance of using real time information and past violation data to both prioritize certain carriers for inspections as well as to help first responders and law enforcement in on-scene crash investigations.

Two Programs For Grant Money

There are two program through which states may apply for a portion of the grant money available.

Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN)

The CVISN program has over twenty million dollars to award to states for improving technological capabilities and the implementation of “smart” transportation system apps specifically designed for the commercial vehicle industry work processes. The CVISN has been designed to focus on monitoring operators deemed “high-risk” due to previous violations and improve the tracking system of such drivers via electronic monitoring of commercial vehicles. Improving these capabilities statewide will have a significant impact on increasing commercial transportation safety compliance on the roads.

Performance Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM)

The PRISM program gives states access to vital information like the violation history of a motor carrier or registrant in real time, when they are applying for licensing or registration of the company’s vehicles. It is vital that all state systems be fully integrated into the national database as the PRISM system is enabled to deny or withhold ineligible commercial vehicle registration or commercial licensing in all states, regardless of which state or states initially recorded the violations.

PRISM now has up to five million dollars available for states to use for better technological integration into the national state commercial motor vehicle (CMV) registration and licensing systems.

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