About Us

Jay Solnick of Keep Highways Safe

We recognize the importance that strong safety regulations for the commercial trucking industry play in ensuring public safety on our nation’s highways and roads. Our mission is to champion improved safety conditions and protocols across our nation’s motor transit infrastructure.

We want to serve as a resource for information for drivers and victims of roadway accidents, as we work to bring improved accountability to the commercial trucking industry.

The commercial trucking business, an ever-growing segment of the freight industry, is vital to our nation’s economy. As is often the case with important industries, its trade organization representatives and industry lobbyists can yield considerable influence.

This industry has a responsibility to protect the public’s health and safety on the highways and road of our nation as the needs of commerce should never supercede the security of our citizens.

Congress Makes A Change For Safety

In 2013, Congress succeeded in enacting greater restrictions on federal safety regulations that mandate commercial truckers’ working hours and schedules. As of July 2013, federal regulations restrict commercial truck drivers to a maximum of 70 work hours per week. Prior to the modification, truckers could work for a total of 82 hours per week.

Commercial truck drivers are also currently limited to a 14-hour workday and no more than 11 hours of driving in a single day. These changes were enacted to combat drowsy or fatigued driving, a leading cause of large truck accidents.

Pressure to Repeal New Safety Regulations

Recently, there has been discussion in the Senate about reinstating the old regulations which mandated the 82-hour workweek. The commercial trucking industry has reportedly been pressing for the change, arguing that an amendment to the current regulations would not change the total number of hours a driver can work in a day.

We Fight For Public Safety Every Day

The team at Solnick & Associates comes prepared to fight for justice on the public’s behalf every day. We are a team of dedicated attorneys with experience litigating a variety of cases and claims in the state and federal courts of southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.