What to Do When You Can Not Afford a Truck Accident Attorney

truck accident attorneyYou were in a truck accident on a Pennsylvania highway and you suffered life-changing injuries. Your life has spun into a whirlwind of confusion and mayhem. You have lost time at work, you are falling behind on your bills as time goes by, and you really just need time to recover. On top of the physical suffering you have endured, the insurance company does not seem to want to play fair and you cannot afford a truck accident attorney.

Misery Does Not Always Want Company

This scenario has been the reality for more people than you would believe, but we do not expect you to feel better just because misery loves company. In fact, hearing that other people have suffered the same way might only make you feel worse, especially if you still do not have any idea if their situation was resolved or if things got any better for them. We are going to explain to you what you can do when you cannot afford a truck accident attorney to help you fight the powerful insurance companies, trucking companies, and anyone else who can be held liable for your injuries and does not want to pay.

Understanding the Insurance Process

People who do not understand how the insurance process works after a truck accident happens often feel lost and confused. They do not realize that most truck accident attorneys will take on their case on what is called a “contingency basis.” That means that you do not have to pay the lawyer a dime until your case has been resolved and you have been paid by the insurance company, or whomever else is responsible for your injuries.

“I Can Handle it on My Own”

Even with this knowledge, most people still believe that they can handle the insurance process on their own. This is sometimes true, but something you should know is that insurance companies tend to make lower offers to victims who are not legally represented. If you have a lawyer helping you with your insurance claim, the chances of getting fair compensation increases tremendously because the insurance company knows that lawyers are skilled at computing the value of cases and will not take a settlement offer that is just a fraction of that value.

Holding Everyone Accountable

At the same time, your lawyer can also ensure that anyone else who is liable for your injuries is held accountable. That means that if the driver caused the accident, the trucking company is held liable, and if there was a part of the truck that malfunctioned and caused the accident, your lawyer can hold the maker of the truck accountable for their part in your injuries.

In order to ensure that you get every dime to which you are entitled and that you can focus on recovering from your injuries, you should consider hiring a Pennsylvania truck accident attorney who will make sure of that. Contact the law offices of Solnick & Associates, LLC today for a free consultation. It is our goal to hold the responsible parties accountable to ensure that we keep our highways safe.

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