Keeping Highways Safe: Supporting Local Pennsylvania Causes

Laurel Hill Cemetery Rest in Peace 5K Run October 8, 2016

At Keep Highways Safe, we feel strongly that each community should work together to support each other. There is a plethora of reasons to participate in supporting your local community that many people do not even think about. In fact, the concept of contributing to a local Pennsylvania community may not seem relevant, especially for those who live in some of the bigger cities, like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. However, even Pennsylvania’s cities are made up of historical neighborhoods and other distinct aspects that make them home to the unique people who live in them.

Why We Should Support Our Local Pennsylvania Communities

Keeping the character of a community vibrant requires most, if not all, of the residents working together and contributing in whatever way they can. If nothing else, our contributions make living in our communities more interesting and promotes unique identity of an area. One of the top reasons to support our local communities is because it helps to promote and maintain the character of the area.

Supporting our local communities also helps to strengthen the local economy and keep money in the wallets of local businesses and residents, rather than across the country in the wallet of some pompous CEO who has never visited our wonderful Pennsylvania city or town. Additionally, when local communities are supported, you will often see more small businesses sprouting up and succeeding, offering local products and services, typically at prices everyone can afford. It is beneficial for a community to host a wide variety of small businesses that offer specific and individualized products and services that we need and would normally have to travel across town or to another town to obtain.

Keeping Highways Safe Contribution

Recently, Keeping Highways Safe contributed to the 8th Annual Rest in Peace 5k. All of the funds that were raised with the 5k fundraiser went directly to fulfilling the mission of the Friends, assisting the Laurel Hill Cemetery Company to promote and preserve the historical character of Laurel Hill.

This year, even though the rain threatened to crush the spirits of participants, 220 runners of all ages came from a variety of cities to participate. All were in good spirits and did not let the rain stop the fund raising. The following are some quick facts about the 5k:

  • 59% of the runners were female
  • 41% of the runners were male
  • It was a close call, but millennials (aged 20-35) outnumbered all other age groups, making up 39% of total runners
  • Generation Xers (aged 36-49) made up 37% of total runners, coming in second for the age group with the most runners
  • 51% of the runners were from Philadelphia

The turnout for this event reminds us that no matter what Mother Nature has planned for us, we can all keep our minds set on the goal and do our small part to improve our communities. We are honored to have been a part of the 8th Annual Rest in Peace 5k this year and we look forward to other endeavors that aim to improve our community.

Photography credit: Albert Yee

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