Top 5 Restaurants in Pennsylvania

top 5 keystone state restaurants*Updated 9/26/16

We travel all over Pennsylvania to meet with clients, and along the way, have tried some truly unique and delicious restaurants!  Here is our list of the top 5 restaurants in the Keystone State:

5. Cooper’s Seafood House

The first thing you’ll notice about Cooper’s is that it isn’t hard to find. Just cruise down N. Washington and look for the huge octopus perched on top of the building. Once inside you will be intrigued by the memorabilia that adorns most of the interior walls, then there’s also the talking statues and pirate mannequins. As for the food, well while the seafood gets good reviews, people rave about their burgers and their extensive beer selection. If you are looking for a fun, memorable dining experience in Scranton, check out Cooper’s Seafood House.

  • Cooper’s Seafood House
  • 701 N. Washington Avenue
  • Scranton, PA 18509
  • 570-346-6883

4. Church Brew Works

Any restaurant can claim to offer a “unique dining experience” – and sometimes it is true, but you will be hard pressed to find a dining experience more unique than the one at Church Brew Works. Set in an old, restored church, the restaurant with its impressive, delicious menu has incredible ambiance. As you dine you can take in the stained glass windows, the retro lighting, and even pews. The confessional has been turned into a liquor cabinet and the altar area is where the brew tanks reside. Many of the diners rave about the pirogues, but the beer is also a popular item. They brew it on site. They also grow their own tomatoes and herbs in their garden which is on site. This is truly a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

3. Joe’s Bar

This offbeat restaurant may not be known for its food, but that’s quite alright. What it lacks in a vast menu, it more than makes up for with the décor – which is more like an attraction. See, among the beer, hot sausage sandwiches, and ham BBQ, you’ll find a veritable zoo – well, a stuffed zoo, but there are many animals that you will likely never see firsthand. The building is filled with taxidermy animals including a polar bear, rhino, sea lion, giraffe, lion, elephant, snakes, and much more. Joe’s isn’t just a bar; it’s an adventure.

  • Joe’s Bar
  • 202 W. Main Street
  • Ligonier, PA 15658
  • 724-238-4877

2. Dienner’s Country Restaurant

When you have a hankering for good ole homestyle Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, Dienner’s is the perfect answer to your craving. Whether you order off the menu or indulge in the buffet, you will be steeped in the Amish Country experience. The wait staff dresses the part and the atmosphere is friendly and fun. You won’t find any foie gras but you will find great down home comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy favorites like roast chicken, lima beans, real mashed potatoes, mac and cheese – are you hungry yet?

1. The Catacombs Restaurant

Located 43 feet below street level, in the cellars of Bube’s Brewery, sits an incredibly unique fine dining experience. Located in the vaults of the catacombs, the menu includes both traditional and gourmet dishes as well as a complete beer and wine list. If you would like a feast dinner, they are held in the Catacombs on most Sunday evenings. There are several other restaurants on site, each offering a different ambiance and menu, but The Catacombs is by far one of the most unique, enthralling, and interesting dining experiences you will have.

Honorable Mention: El Gallo Pinto

Sadly, El Gallo Pinto is no longer in operation, but the Philly staple for some of the best Nicaraguan and Central American food around. The food was good, the price was right, and the atmosphere was fantastic. El Gallo Pinto, you will be missed.

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